Half A Day

Half A Day

Half A Day

Product description

Do you want to take baby steps​ to get back on track? This half a day includes 3 juices full of nutrients and comes with 3 booster shots for the extra boost.


Half A Day Cleanse include (3 Juices) (3 Booster Shots)

   Got Da Juices

  • Green Magic,
  • Black Mamba
  • Fuji Goddess

 Booster Shots

  • 3x Old Kanye Booster



 12 oz juice bottles

 2 oz booster shots


Freshness Shelf Life:

When sealed 5-10 days

Once opened: 3 days



Tip: Freeze your juices to retain freshness. When you are ready to consume, completely thaw your juices in the refrigerator and enjoy.  

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